Marketing has the power of determining the future of the world. Brands who achieve this will live till another age of evolution.

We are living in a connected world;
I believe in Marketing 3.0 mentioned by Philip Kotler.
“The future of marketing lies in creating products, services, and company cultures that inspire, include, and reflect the values of target customers.”

It is time to invest in values that people care, environment, culture, society to live as a brand for a long term.
Helping people in need, supporting artists to prosper, caring about environment and building gamified happy brand communities, proud of being a part of this thriving and giving brand.

Brands are no different than people; Robert Cialdini explains the best Persuasion Methods in his book “Science of Persuasion Shortcuts:
Reciprocity, Scarcity, Authority, Consistency, Liking, Consensus”
Changing the world can only be done by people with the lead of believing brands and these who can change the world in a good way would be the most valuable ones regardless of the scale of the value. (ex. Apple, Think Different Campaign)

Focusing on innovators and early adoptors to fullfill the market share saturation for and innovative product can also be applied on behavioral changes and innovative ideas that will help people even with a new communication.

The real media is people now regardless of which channel they use, they will be with us if we focus on listening deeply. We are all people. Deepest insights would come within you and people surrounding us, our coworkers and then everyone. Just apply those real insighst which every living organism have to cultural aspects Hofstede’s researches can be a tool to achieve this.

There are lots of different scientific proven ways to be a better brand within this noisy world to reach and be loved by our audiences.

My life objective;
fitting into my career as I love marketing and consuming anything about all the disciplines bit by bit, psychology, sociology, design&color theory, new visual arts (op, fractal art), story telling and already started writing my thesis about Gamification of Market Research before working on Gamification of Work Places so that companies would be able to have a more productive and happy employees so that they would be ready to work with millenial work force (HR 3.0 has already started motivation > sallary, learning speed > experience) is to have a better, happier more environment friendly future beyond us.

Marketing has the power of determining the future of the world. Brands who achieve this will live till another age of evolution.

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